Champions League Final 2010 Preview

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Tonight’s Champions league final between Bayern Munich & Inter Milan is set to attract a massive world wide TV audience, and will mark Bayern’s 8th appearance in the final (including its previous guises) making them the 3rd most successful club in the competition in terms of appearances. It will also be the first final in six seasons which has not included an English Premier League Team with you having to go back to the 2004 final for the last time they failed to provide at least a finalist.  The good news is that it should be an entertaining final and at least here in the UK football fans can sit back as neutrals and enjoy the spectacle.

So who is going to win?

Well both teams are at near full strength, although Franck Ribery will be a big miss for Bayern and they are both double winners alredy this season having won their domestic Championship titles and their main cup competition;which is probably a first.  They have both came through some tough games and the respective managers are amongst the best in Europe.

So everything points to a close game and how it pans out will largely depend on who scores first. If Inter grab an early goal we can expect them to shut up shop and the game may not be that exciting to watch, however if Bayern grab the opener it will force Inter to open up and show their undoubted attacking qualities. Overall I just feel that Inter have had the harder path to the final and given that Franck Ribery will be missing for Bayern then Jose Mourinho the self proclaimed special one may have something else to shout about after tonight’s final. I am hoping for a high scoring game but fear it could easily end up a hard fought 1-0 Inter Win

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