England Miss Out on World Cup 2018 – Was Lord Triesman Right All Along

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For those of you with fairly long memories the final outcome of the 2010 World Cup and the voting for the right to host the tournament in 2018 will come as a bit of an eye opener when casting your mind back to Lord Triesman’s allegations of potential corruption in World Football.

Embarrassing at the time both for him and The FA given how his allegations came to light the suggestion that Russia would help Spain win the World Cup by bribing referees in exchange for their support in getting the 2018 hosting rights now looks uncannily accurate, and we hope he put a few quid on it at the huge odds he would have got to make up for him losing his job because of it.

Now with FIFA looking a bent as a nine bob note its time for football fans everywhere to make their displeasure known. Sepp Blatter is an embarrassment and needs to go and a full independent criminal investigation is needed into how International Football is ran.

The decision to award the 2022 Finals to those well known giants of international football Qatar is further evidence of FIFA losing the plot. Its ok trying to take the beautiful game to other countries but Qatar!!!  Its in one of the Worlds most volatile regions, its searingly hot in the Summer when the finals will take place and hasn’t got a stadium worthy of international Football at this level. OK they have plenty of money (now there’s a coincidence) and 12 years to build some decent infrastructure, but the World Cup needs fans to fill the stadiums and I cant see there being a huge domestic following. The 2011 Asian Cup is scheduled for Qatar and will only use  5 stadiums, 4 of which are in Qatar’s capital Doha.  The main stadium is the 50,000 capacity Khalifa International Stadium, while the Al-Gharafa Stadium will hold 25,000, the Qatar SC Stadium has a 19,000 capacity and the  Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium  hold 15,000.

The reason for the small stadiums is that a top game will be lucky to attract 10,000 fans. The 2022 World Cup looks like being interesting to say the least.

Anyway if you want to read up on the Lord Triesman story there is a good article here.

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