Holland Ease Past Slovakia 2-1

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Holland eased into the last eight of the World Cup beating Slovakia somewhat easier than the score would suggest.  

Arjen Robben opened the scoring with a well taken goal in the 18th minute and Wesley Sneijder added their second in the 84th, ensuring that Slovakia’s last minute penalty was academic to th result. However it was more of a workman like performance that would have been expected from the Dutch and many of their fans seem a little unhappy at their lack of flair. Still a win is a win and Holland have won all their matches in South Africa without leaving second gear. The problem now is can they up their game or is this all they have. A performance of this standard against Brazil won’t be anywhere near good enough and they will no doubt be aware of that. On Friday 2nd July in Port Elizabeth we will find out just how good the Dutch really are.

Final Score

Holland 2-1 Slovakia

  • Venue: Durban
  • Attendance: 61,962
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