Holland v Spain World Cup Final Preview

Finally after what has been the quickest four weeks ever (or the slowest according to the numerous World Cup widows out there) the final is upon us and what a final it proposes to be.

First we have the midfield flair of the Spanish who currently have their finest international squad ever. Even the German’s couldn’t stop them and in their semi final they finally showed flashes of the brilliance they are capable of keeping possession for long periods and stifling the German counter attack which had been so devastating against both England and Argentina. It could be they are reaching their peak just in time for the big one.

Then we have the Dutch who have shown they are a match for anyone and although they have been a little workman like in their victories they still have a 100% record both in the tournament and in qualifying which must be a record especially if they lift the trophy. They might not have the total football skills of the Holland teams of the 1970s but they remain a formidable side and in Sneijder & De Jong
they have the players capble of giving Spain’s formidable midfield something to think about.

In terms of squad value this should be a walk over for Spain however as we have seen from Germany’s superb performances perceived value doesn’t always transfer to success on the field and the Dutch have also beaten illustrious players when fighting back against Brazil.

Overall this is a hard match to call and with neither side having won the cup there will be nerves, which can lead to mistakes. However there has to be a winner and if forced to choose its the Dutch who look the most likely to prevail. Spain do play lovely football but have relied on teams running out of steam thanks to their flowing passing and possession. Holland are unlikely to flag and will be more combative in the middle of the park than Spain’s previous opponents. This should be enough to frustrate the Spaniards and I expect Holland to make it third time lucky and become the 8th nation to win the World Cup.

To the victor goes the spoils 

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