Howard Webb Wins World Cup For Spain

English football (soccer) referee Howard Webb
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Sadly a rather disappointing World Cup Final will be largely  remembered for the controversial refereeing decisions by Howard Webb, which ultimately led to Spain winning late in extra time.

12 yellow cards and a red largely tells the story of a scrappy match with petty fouls and a packed midfield stifling any hope of free flowing football. Holland probably had the slightly better chances but the only real talking point of the game was the strange decisions by Howard Webb deep into extra time when he first missed a clear corner for Holland he must have been the only person in the stadium who thought it was a goal kick. If that wasn’t bad enough and a few second latter Holland should have had a free kick which he again ignored allowing Spain to counter attack and from this Iniesta scored the winning goal. What had been an otherwise good performance by him was marred by these two ludicrous decisions, which will follow him for the rest of his career.

Still overall Spain were probably the better team and they have now added the World Cup to their 2008 European Championship win making them clearly the most successful international team of the 21st Century so far.

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